Murder vs Homicide

Homicide, murder, manslaughter and kill.

These seem to be referring to the same crime, but they are not.

Let's give the distinguishing definitions.


Homicide means any killing of a human being by another human being, regardless of being intentional or even being illegal. An unintentional or even a justified killing of a human being can be referred to as homicide.


Murder means an illegal homicide with malice. It won't be a murder if it is justified or it was not committed with malice.


Manslaughter means an illegal homicide without malice. It won't be a manslaughter if it is justified or it was committed with malice.

Therefore; where a homicide is defined in the statute as a crime, it is a murder if it was committed with malice and it is a manslaughter if it was committed without malice.


The difference with a kill and homicide is the scope. Unlike homicide, the term kill also covers ending life of an animal.

Possession Ownership Title Property

Let's handle the difference between possession and ownership, the difference between ownership and title and lastly the clarified meaning of property.

Possession and Ownership

Possession is the control and domain over a property. In particular, the term 'actual possession' refers to physical control. On the other hand, the term 'constructive possession' excludes the physical control and dominion over a property and refers to intention of exercising control over a property and the legitimate power of exercising control over the same.

Therefore, though it may seem as name of an actual condition, possession may as well be a term that indicates the legal situation (legitimate power) rather than the actual situation. In any event, possession of a property requires (1) having actual or legitimate power to exercise control over a property and (2) intention to exercise the control over the property.

Ownership is not really a technically legal term. It refers to own a property, regardless of having a legal right or an actual control.

Ownership and Title

Unlike ownership, the term title is a technically legal term that refers to a legal, legitimate right. It is a legally recognized ownership, by which one can exerxise possession or property rights.


Property is the broadest interest that covers rights to exclusively possess, use and dispose of anything. It is broader than possesion, it is legitimate, when compared to ownership and it is a conclusive right unlike a title as a means to possession or property.

Attorney-Lawyer Difference

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