Difference Between Accomplice And Accessory

Accomplice is a person that helps the principal physically, whereas an accessory may be and usually refers to him, who is absent in the crime scene and assists the principal mentally.

Enforcement Implementation Difference

What is the difference between enforcement and implementation?

Enforcement is a use of force to actualize what is written in laws. It is similar to execution; only less challenging. An execution is enforcement where it faces a possible private opposition.

Whereas, implementation is making real what was already designed.

Therefore, enforcement, and in more general sence execution, is a practice of the legislation, whereas implementation is a practice of a completed design.


Debit Credit Cards

The difference between debit cards and credit cards is:

Legal Definition-Consent Decree

Consent decree means supervision of a police department by a federal authority upon the police department's own consent.

Pursuant to the terms of a federal consent decree in effect for 25 years, NYCHA had been prohibited from commencing a summary eviction proceeding for non-desirability (including drug related activity) without first affording the tenant an administrative hearing (Escalera Decree) (Escalera v NYCHA, 425 F2d 853 [2nd Cir 1970](No. 67 Civ 4307[WRM], SD NY, March 23, 1971)).
See New York City Hous. Auth. v Williams

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