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Comparison Between Civil Law And Common Law

Common Law is the system of law practised in the Common Wealth countries, i.e. United Kingdım and its former or present colonies. It is essentially based on principles inferred from the cases judged by the courts. It is also called "Case Law".

In that context, Civil Law refers to the system of law stemmed from the continental Europe and practised by a vast majority of the World. It is essentially based on codification of rules dating back to Roman Empire. It is also called "Continental Law"

However, in civil Law countries, the science of law is divided into two: private law and public law. In this context, "civil law" is the main branch of the private law that deals with the legal concepts such as person, capacity, marriage etc. Civil law is the basis of the private law in continental law.

Below is a rough map showing the countries by their system of law. Common Law countries are red and Civil Law countries are blue.

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