Murder vs Homicide

Homicide, murder, manslaughter and kill.

These seem to be referring to the same crime, but they are not.

Let's give the distinguishing definitions.


Homicide means any killing of a human being by another human being, regardless of being intentional or even being illegal. An unintentional or even a justified killing of a human being can be referred to as homicide.


Murder means an illegal homicide with malice. It won't be a murder if it is justified or it was not committed with malice.


Manslaughter means an illegal homicide without malice. It won't be a manslaughter if it is justified or it was committed with malice.

Therefore; where a homicide is defined in the statute as a crime, it is a murder if it was committed with malice and it is a manslaughter if it was committed without malice.


The difference with a kill and homicide is the scope. Unlike homicide, the term kill also covers ending life of an animal.

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